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Our workshop

We would like to introduce ourselves: Well-founded experience and passionate teamwork allows us to create a masterpiece for every clarinet that leaves our workshop. Get a little insight into our workshop with the picture gallery. It shows where and how we work.


Mouthpiece configurator

We know about the importance and the multifaceted nature of a mouthpiece. That’s why we designed a mouthpiece configurator for our musicians. This service helps you to find the right facing for your clarinet. The optimal material is also crucial: Try our wood and Zelltec® variations! Click in and get adviced.

Musicians worldwide


Musicians from all around the world work together with Leitner & Kraus. We want to introduce some of our clarinetists. The map visualizes our export countries. You are playing with Leitner & Kraus and are not listed here? Write us! Preferably with all infos and if desired with photo.

Leitner and Kraus mouthpieces

New in store

Made by Master Hands for Master Hands

Our classic

The soloistmodel No. 320 – Execution in A and Bb. Individually customizable through our A’- Bb ‘mechanism, V-system, carbon rings, etc.

Made by Master Hands for Master Hands

Our smallest

Eb / D clarinet – Our smallest! Multifaceted, balanced sound and optimized key geometry for best handling.

Made by Master Hands for Master Hands

Our largest

Our bass clarinet – Available in three different versions.

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