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Master workshop for clarinets

Wood processing & origin

As a wood processing company, we are aware of our valuable raw material

The wood Dalbergia melanoxylon (grenadilla) growing in South Africa.

We only buy wood from dealers we trust. Each delivery is documented by a cites list. Our grenadilla scantlings are only produced with all permits:

1: forest contract

2: Permission to harvest/cut black logs from our supplier up to the permitted quantity per year

3: Authorization for wood conversion (cutting authorization from the sawmill)

4: Permission to export special products issued by customs authorities

From the location of the tree to every treatment and processing point to our front door, everything is documented

to ensure the security of sustainable cultivation of our wood.

versatile cleverly packed

cleverly packed

At Leitner and Kraus, we pack 98% of our items without plastic. We use recyclable materials or packaging that can be used further or in other ways.

For example, our reed boxes made of tinplate. Tinplate has a recycling rate of 95% in Germany.

You can always fill the noble boxes with leaves. But they are also ideal for other storage purposes.

metropolitan region of nuremberg

excellent co2 saving

Award of Metropolregion Nürnberg.

We produce and relate as well as everything from our region. In this way we avoid long transport routes and high CO2 consumption. Due to short distances, we are also in close contact with our suppliers and can offer you the usual high quality.

We are proud of this award and the strong region of franconia.

Green electricity

We are also well positioned when it comes to electricity. We generate electricity through photovoltaics on our roof. In 2022 we generated about twice as much electricity as we needed. The rest is fed in.


Leitner & Kraus consists of 1/4 forest. The area of ​​the industrial area used to be completely forested. We have deliberately left the original forest on part of our property. It may not look like much, but in quiet minutes you can watch rabbits, squirrels and co.


Dust to dust

The wood dust or wood shavings that occur during the manufacturing process of a clarinet are collected and used for the production of our wooden mouthpieces. Together with other “wood residues”, a granulate of wood is created that is used to manufacture our mouthpieces.

Leitner and Kraus mouthpieces

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