From repair over overhaul to adjustment


Repair and advice

The team of Leitner & Kraus offers many years of experience a professional maintenance of your instrument. Our service also offers you total- but also part overhaul of your clarinet. Even a professional check and repairs of all kinds. Our premises also have a rehearsal room. Here you can experience and test our instruments and accessories. Talk to us about your concern. We are happy to help!


With a total-overhaul, you choose a complete reprocessing. Your instrument will be handy brought on new condition All wear parts will be replaced.


With a part-overhaul your instrument will be expertly checked and then just necessary repairs done!

From blank to the finished mouthpiece

For dealers and mouthpiecemakers!

We offer our blanks in different manufacturing levels. Please contact us.

- New in service for repairs / overhauls

Fill in and send enclosed the instruments
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