LnK Reeds

Reeds made of plastic

Technology meets tradition


I would like to play plastic reeds but,
the sound of a wooden reed is unattainable…
The owners of Leitner and Kraus hear this all too often.

I would like to play plastic reeds but,
the sound of a wooden reed is unattainable…
That’s what Mr. Hubertus Franckenstein, a passionate amateur saxophonist and piano player, thinks.

We know what makes a reed,
but which plastic to use?
We ask the company NeoPlastic.

I know a plastic, but what makes a reed?
The company Leitner & Kraus knows its way around….

We know each other from the past…
Together with the expertise for each area
the company LnK was founded. The goal: to develop a reed
to develop a reed that sounds like a wooden reed but can be produced more consistently, reliably and
with consistent quality. The first attempts were not very promising.
Too light, it deforms, or the material was not durable enough…
Then, the perfect material that sounds good, is harmless to health and
remains stable in shape The geometry? Well, a completely
new path had to be taken here. What came out of this is new.
A patented reed geometry that is unique on the market and
that finally combines the sound characteristics of a wooden reed with the advantages
f a plastic reed.

Initial experience was quickly gained. The reeds can
be heard in large orchestras and on CD recordings and
now close the circle between the wooden reed and
the plastic reed


Combined expertise

Craftsmanship meets
High Tech

A cooperation between Leitner & Kraus, the master workshop for clarinets, andneo plastic, performance in plastic, gave rise to the company LnK Reeds. The vision:

Reeds that create the best possible sound experience for the instruments.

After countless attempts, our vision became reality.

Our clarinet reeds offer unique consistency, stability and durability.

The patented design combines sonic excellence with technological advancement for a consistently superior playing experience.

synthetic reeds

Our advantages

  • Optimal sound

    The easy response and well-balanced intonation ensure effortless and simple tone production and a full sound in all registers.

  • Proper fit

    Suitable for standard clarinets and mouthpieces, available in medium-soft, medium and medium-hard.

  • Highest quality

    The high-quality workmanship made of high-tech materials, free of cracks or fringes at the edges, guarantees optimum sound production.

  • Innovative materials

    LnK reeds are synthetically produced, consistent reeds with outstanding sound quality and maximum durability.

  • Individually customizable

    Customizable through mechanical processing.

  • Patented design

    Perfect combination of geometry and material for every reed thickness for optimum tone colors.

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