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Josef Leitner and Wolfgang Kraus learned their work in the late 1960s. Their commitment and passion for clarinet building was great. So far, that they even sat together after work and exchanged their ideas and visions.

It quickly have been sattled, that the only way to realize a completely matched clarinet with mouthpiece and reed, is to found an own company. This step was daring! At the beginning, it was not possible to get a building, so the cellar of Josef was rebuilt to a workshop. The clarinet building was a very small niche, so almost all tools had to be built themselves. Preparations for the first clarinet went over months. Wolfgang, for example, worked the first months during the day as a window maker and then for his dream …

Today, the company Leitner & Kraus stands for traditional craftsmanship with innovative ideas. The cellar workshop became a separate company building, considerations were patents and visions a clarinet for musicians of all claims. The instruments are in the large concert halls at home but also on the folk festival of next door.

The intensive experience of the two company heads, the eye for detail, interest in new and continuous search for innovation
improve their instruments every day. The company Leitner & Kraus represents and characterizes the designation “Made in Germany”. Excellent quality, precision, passion, and professionalism are considered a matter of course! This philosophy is reflected in the employees, but especially in their juniors Jochen and Andreas.

Leitner and Kraus mouthpieces

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Our motivation

The musician should be able to focus completely on the music, and not to problems at the instrument. Our goal is, to always provide a reliable product through new manufacturing techniques and innovative materials.

These includes, among other, mouthpieces made of wood that are made in the injection molding process or ZellTec® with high resistance – both 100% food safe.

We offer optional carbon optional rings, our patented a’-b ‘mechanism or latest alloys to build the keys light and stable, so that the performance and handling of our clarinets continues to improve, just to name only a few examples.

Dalbergia melanoxylon

Our wood

All our clarinets are made of high quality grenadilla blackwood. It is extremely hard due to its high density and is stored in the workshop for at least 7 years. This reduces the risk of cracks to a minimum.

We, as manufacturers of clarinets, prefer it for its fine tonal and acoustic properties, great stability and durability.

– Only hard stuff –

Dalbergia melanoxylon or better known as grenadilla blackwood is the most important wood in clarinet construction. Due to its high density and narrow growth, it is the perfect wood for a clarinet. Both optically and functional. In addition, there is the high oil content that makes it hardly susceptible to external moisture influences.


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Award of Metropolregion Nürnberg. We produce and relate as well as everything from our region. We are proud of this award and the strong region of francs.

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